We welcome you as our new client!

We are obliged to follow the rules and regulation concerning the german money laundering law (GwG). According to this law we are requested to identify our clients who wish to avail our services.

If you like to remit money, but - for whatever reasons - you cannot visit our office, you have to follow this identification procedure:

1.Download our Information Pack for new clients.

2.Fill up the identification form (Page 3).

3.Make a photocopy of your passport or your identity card.

4.Go with the completed identification form, the original and the photocopy of your ID, a stamped envelope addressed to CBN Germany to your bank or to another authorized person (Notary, City Council, Embassy) and have your identification form certified.

5.Let your bank or the authorized person mail this envelope to CBN Germany.

We kindly ask your understanding for this inconvenience but this identification form is to comply with legal requirements. It is needed only once and valid for all subsequent remittances. All data submitted to us will be treated confidentially and will not be given to others for further use.

For any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. Call 069 / 60 32 56 03