RATE FOR Wednesday, April 25, 2018

EUR/PHP 63,10
Rate is subject to change
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CBN Germany is closed on May 11 & May 12, 2018 (Friday and Saturday).
Regular operations will resume on May 14, 2018 (Monday).

Remittance, Money Transfer or Padala

All these are words for the loving support that Filipinos all over the world give to their loved ones back in the Philippines.

“Money Transfer made easy” is offered by CBN Germany GmbH since 1998 via the corporate office in Frankfurt am Main.
Our reliable remittance service made us one of the most popular remittance companies.
Bank-to-bank remittance or door-to-door cash delivery will be handled fast, reliable and for moderate costs.

Money transfer/remittance is a matter of trust. Reliability combined with speed, good service, excellent exchange rate
and fair fees are the top priorities of CBN in serving its clients.

You can avail CBN excellent services also via internet online banking wherever you are.
Your remittance order can be processed easily via online, or the usual way via fax or email.
You can transfer your desired remittance amount to our account with Commerzbank accounts.

The step by step procedures can be found in our download section.

Please note our SEPA bank account details:

IBAN: DE28500800000903351800